How CPG Brands Can Use Pinterest

While planning your social media strategy and where your CPG brand needs to be on social, you may not consider Pinterest. It’s a hybrid platform that functions much like a real life pin board, serving its users with inspiration. That combined with its common use of bookmarking items for future use may seem like it’s not the best platform for your brand, however, we do think if you’re just the right kind of CPG company, Pinterest might be perfect for you.


Some stats we

  • There are 150 million monthly active users on Pinterest, 70 million from the United States
  • There are over 50 billion “Pins” and over 1 billion Pinterest Boards
  • 81% of users are female
  • Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram
  • Median age of a user is 40, but the majority of active pinners are below that age
  • Half of Pinterest users have an HHI of $50k or more, 10% of users have an HHI of over $125K
  • 30% of all US social media users are Pinterest users
  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest
  • 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline
  • Over 5% of all web traffic comes from Pinterest
  • 93% of active Pinners use Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • Two-thirds of pins represent brands and products
  • On Pinterest, 83% of users would prefer to follow brand/product


The key takeaway here is that Pinterest has an impact on what people purchase.


When considering the content you should be pinning, think about these things:
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What about my CPG product/brand draws them in?
  • What do I want my audience to know about my product/brand?
  • What value can my CPG product/brand bring them?


At the end of the day, Pinterest is still a content game. The game, however, is so incredibly dependent upon visual assets. If you are a food brand, recipes are key (and one of the most popular categories on Pinterest). Sharing recipes from your own brand would be important here, but also curating Pinterest boards for your customers enhances the value you bring to their lives. If they are constantly seeing recipes from your bean brand, aren’t they going to be more likely to purchase your beans than another when they’re ready to create a recipe?


Here is a round up of some brands doing amazing things with Pinterest:

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