Happy Birthday, Michael!

With so many April birthdays in the office, we’re bound to end up with a couple back-to-back interviews. Our second interview this month is with the resident practical joker here at Vision Creative Group.  We sat down amidst his popcorn, streamers and balloons to talk about life both in and outside of the office.

What is your official title?

Creative Director

What kind of accounts do you work on?

Watches, gutters, metal roofs, motorcycles, stapling supplies, electronics…

What’s a day in the life for you like?

Design, developing ideas and deadlines.

Tell us your favorite types of projects:

Conceptual thinking and video editing.

How long have you been at Vision?

I think…going on 9 years.

You’re going to laugh at the next question: why are you a Yankees fan?

When I was little, an older kid I looked up to was a Yankees fan. Of course now, I get to enjoy the rivalry with Andy (who happens to be a die-hard Mets fan).

Do you have a favorite VCG moment or memory?

Hmm….I think bringing my dog to work. (Bailey is beloved in the office)

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

I’m an outdoorsman. So, camping, fishing, boating…spending time with the fam.

Favorite item(s) on your desk or in your office:

Maybe my Yankee flag. Or my big crayon. Or my shark picture. Probably my big crayon.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Michael! Enjoy your birthday!

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