Twitter Increases Its Character Count

Last week, Twitter (finally) increased its character count. Long gone are the days of 140 character limitations! But, don’t get too excited yet – here’s our take on the increase.

The original 140 limit was a very intentional number for Twitter. Its creators wanted a Tweet to be able to fit in a text message, which maxes out at 160 characters. A 140 limit would allow for the text of a Tweet plus twenty characters for a username to be sent via SMS.

Twitter will now allow all users to double, yes, double!, the length of their Tweets. But not so fast! We still believe that 70-100 characters are the ideal length for a Tweet for a variety of reasons:

  • Your company is up against a lot of Tweets all day long, about 500 MILLION to be exact.
  • Social media has become increasingly visual, indicating users are less likely to read longer posts.
  • Your company can stand out from the pack by not overusing the new character limit!


Our team believes that if your company continually strives to create short and concise Tweets, you’ll find success on the platform. When it is absolutely necessary to max out your character count, we say go for it! Maybe it’s a bit like the boy who cried wolf – keep it short and simple like you would have done prior to the increase, and then when you really need to make use of the longer form, people will pay attention to you!

So, are you excited about the character count increase?

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