We were able to experience true nostalgia by hitting play on a project with Maxell USA. Our Vision team created video assets for their social media platforms to showcase the new high fidelity Bluetooth speaker Maxell was launching and highlight its numerous features that reflect their original cassette tapes. The goal was to elevate the brand and its use of modern technology while still highlighting its classic voice. VCG created video assets that included 360° videos and custom videos. The 360° spins of the product, both in and out of the package, offer customers a unique and engaging way to view the product. Integrating custom graphics, product photography, stock footage and audio with a cool, retro vibe that tells the Maxell story, we were able to produce content that will resonate with the brand’s loyal fan base and leave any authentic music lover itching to jam. 

Maxell USA 

Video Assets 


  • 360° Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Custom Graphics
  • Stock Footage and Audio Sourcing & Integration
  • Editing
  • Video Production & Compilation

“These look amazing. We are so happy with how they turned out! Vision went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations in a very timely manner. I look forward to continuing work on more projects.”

Patrycja Mioduszewski, Marketing Assistant, Maxell USA