Messinas, a New Jersey based lawn and garden supply company, was re-launching their Pulverize weed killer product line to better compete with big players in the category. This is where Vision came in. We brought our creative and strategic expertise to better position Pulverize in the lawn and garden space as the top choice for weed killers among its competitors with a package redesign. After researching the herbicide market, analyzing the competition and assessing the retail environment for a well-rounded understanding of the weed product world, Vision designed a new label that clearly communicated Pulverize’s effectiveness and dedication to being a safe alternative for weed prevention. Our clean imagery and striking revamped logo came together with the goal to increase visibility, shelf impact, and increase market share. As a result, it impressed the Walmart store buyer, and after a successful test run, landed a spot nationally in the Walmart lineup. It then expanded onto the shelves of over 5,000 retailer outlets in just one year. Pulverize is effective in killing weeds, but our packaging was surely effective in growing its business. 


Pulverize Weed Killer Package Redesign


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Review
  • Design Exploratory
  • Package Design
  • Renderings

How Did We Make Penguins Fly

After an all team meeting on a Friday afternoon to share the news that we were awarded this packaging project, we literally hit the ground running. We spent the weekend checking out retailers to understand the current category climate, the competition and the retailer perspective. Armed with intel and strategic creative ideas, we went on to develop packaging concepts that really made Pulverize stand out on shelf with consumers and trade professionals. To top it off, our designs earned another GDUSA award for the team!