Voltaren, a brand of GSK Consumer Healthcare, needed a retailer specific digital media campaign to elevate the connection between shifts in weather and the impact on joint pain symptoms. VCG’s task was to successfully develop the campaign creative that would be deployed to media in geo-targeted areas leveraging data in areas experiencing relevant shifts in weather situations. The goal of this was to motivate shopper behavior and drive purchases at CVS stores. Our team accomplished this goal by developing three versions of weather-related creative for Voltaren that supported the seasonal situations likely to occur between October and December, with a focus on the impacts of the weather on joint pain sufferers. Our team’s new creative combined brand claims and lifestyle imagery that clearly communicated the message and resonated with our audience. By connecting Voltaren’s equity and claims to the relief of weather-related pain, Vision helped present the brand as a must-have for the stormy months ahead!

GSK Consumer Healthcare

Voltaren Digital Banners


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“The Vision team is AMAZING! Love working with them – outstanding creative, always come through on last minute requests, willing to take on new challenges and go the extra mile to ensure quality. 
Truly great partners!”

Annette Komes, Shopper Activation, GSK CH