FunkkOFF! Social Post


As the inventors of FunkkOFF!, the all-in-one toothbrush and toothpaste reusable teeth refreshers, were moving on to final prototyping and production for their brand launch, we worked together to help exude their tongue-in-cheek persona through animated social media. After conversing with the client to learn firsthand what their vision and voice were for the brand, we came up with a fun, interactive social idea to grab attention, engage their base, and thank the generous Kickstarter campaign backers. Vision successfully got the word out from platform to platform about these new teeth refreshers, and we absolutely loved doing it. 

FunkkOFF! Teeth Refreshers

Social Media Assets


  • Creative Design
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Social Media
  • Performance Reporting

“Looks fabulous! Thank you so much!”

Sonia Hounsell, Co-Founder, FunkkOFF! Inc.

Gill St. Bernard’s


When we tackle a magazine project, such as the ones we design for Gill St. Bernard’s School, we know it’s time to lean in and show off our typography, copy fitting, photo retouching, illustration, design, and layout skills to bring visual interest and unity to every page. As always, the cover sets the tone. The conversation with our client started with how can we convey the amazing hands-on environmental learning opportunity that only GSB offers with its on-campus farm that is fully integrated into the curriculum? Our strategy was to go beyond simply emphasizing the beauty of Home Winds Farm to underscore the educational impact it has on the students, and connect the learning and the outdoor adventure. The final cover and the magazine as a whole epitomized GSB’s motto, “The World is Our Classroom,” and truly spoke to everyone’s imagination and love of learning.

Gill St. Bernard’s School

GSB Alumni Magazine


  • Concepting
  • Editorial Design & Layout
  • Illustration
  • Photo Retouching

How Did We Make Penguins Fly

By actively listening to our client to understand their message, values, and unique point of difference, we created a visual that spoke to the school’s motto “The World is Our Classroom”. Infusing that ideal with matching imagery from GSB’s Home Winds Classroom, we were able to strategically bring this magazine cover to life, replicating an outdoor classroom of students immersed in a living textbook to draw in readers and communicate the benefits of learning at GSB’s sprawling 208-acre campus.