About Bada Bean Cawfee™:

Bada Bean Cawfee offers “Jersey-Style” coffee (or should we say “cawfee”) in an unconventional Jersey Shore pop-up coffee shop that pays homage to the Jersey mafia theme that both locals and tourists love. “The bosses” have encapsulated every mob-themed phrase, famous movie line, and delightfully entertaining puns, in naming their menu items with a vision of taking the business across the country.

The Insights:

“The bosses” wanted a brand identity that clearly communicated their company values as well as the quality of their products. They also needed help developing marketing and sales materials and branding their first location on the Seaside Heights boardwalk to stop tourists and locals alike in their tracks.

The Strategy:

The creation of the branding for Bada Bean was greatly inspired by the T.V. show, The Sopranos, and the “tough guy” Jersey mobster persona. Our team played up this theme by incorporating key elements into the logo design, building wrap and signage. The branding we developed includes mobster guy silhouettes, a caution tape themed stanchion, an interrogation chair and spotlight, and a mugshot background as well as bullet holes in the menu and many more mobster details. The goal for the customized building wrap design was to encourage customers to take photos and post to social media for brand awareness which was met with great success.

The Results:

Bada Bean’s unique branding was essential to the immediate success of their boardwalk location and active social media engagement, leading to plans to expand the brand to new locations.

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