Creating the GDUSA Award-Winning Biovanta Website & the Relationship Behind It

Winning a GDUSA award is always exciting because it’s both a celebration of our designers’ hard work and a time to reflect on our partnership with a client in relation to the project itself. We’re only as good as our last project after all, and our partnerships make us who we are. So let’s take a dive into not just creating the GDUSA award-winning Biovanta website, but into how it all came to be.

Evolving All the Time: The Vision & Biovanta Partnership

This year, we had the privilege of redesigning, expanding, and optimizing a website for Biovanta, the only 100% natural over-the-counter drug for sore throats, colds, and coughs. If you haven’t heard of Biovanta yet, you will soon. Owned by a husband and wife and based in Brooklyn, they’re growing at warp speed and have been eager for an optimized, clean website to serve as their home base while they build out their distinct brand. We crossed paths with the young company a year ago when they needed a quick demo video of a product. It was important to have a quick turnaround so they could keep things in motion. After the demo, we started offering strategy and support for their Amazon assets and website. One thing led to another and we began collaborating on a full website redesign for this forward-thinking new business and product. 

The Ask

Even though this was technically a website redesign project, it was also an outward expansion in every sense. We added blogs, detailed product pages, and reviews to make the site more robust, and collaborated with our friends at Seasons Communications to optimize SEO and improve the user experience. 

GDUSA Award-Winning Biovanta website redesign pages

Why Redesign a Website?

While a website redesign often conjures thoughts of new visuals, better functionality, and a cleaned-up look–all of which were part of this project–every web design project is different because it is rooted in strategy. Rather than simply aiming to make the site more pleasing to Biovanta’s audience’s eyes, we had to consider where Biovanta was in its journey as a business and what the site needed to accomplish when someone landed on it. Your website is your mothership in many ways; it is the place where your audience lands once you’ve captured their attention. It’s the place where you show your stripes and where your voice, values, and intentions need to be all-encompassing. In a way, you’re creating your own little reality for people to step into and experience. So, what does an all-encompassing Biovanta reality look like?

GDUSA Award-Winning Biovanta website redesign tablet view

Website Design & Branding: More Connected Than They Seem

Since this project was a redesign of an existing site rather than the creation of a site from scratch, we had to be careful not to tinker too much with the structure. As a budding, busy company, Biovanta needed to continue to keep their site available to their audience. We struck a balance between maintaining a level of consistency for incoming traffic and making progress optimizing different areas of the site. The site’s development was also driven by a quickly encroaching cough/cold season. Working closely with the client and their SEO partner made it possible for us to layer our designs with strategy, enabling Biovanta to take advantage of their new site when they needed it most.

No matter what the project is, branding always comes into play. Whether you’ve been around for decades or you’re just now crafting your identity, determining how to represent your brand is the eternal question. As a fast-moving company with countless opportunities on the horizon, ensuring that the Biovanta brand came across clearly on the new site was essential. The website design became a vehicle for building out the look, tone, and feel of the Biovanta brand. 

The Design & Look

We kept it simple with a clean, modern, and user-friendly design, aiming not to over-design anything. Since Biovanta prides itself on its natural, simple ingredients and messaging to match, the site needed to embody those elements. Biovanta’s soon to be iconic blues and greens translated from packaging to website seamlessly. Their science-focused and confident identity came to life in a minimalist space with a fluid user experience. Icon-like graphics of ingredients and the consistent use of hexagonal shaped imagery makes clear associations with Biovanta’s foundation in science while also helping to create an uncrowded space that is easy to navigate. 

GDUSA Award-Winning Biovanta website redesign desktop and mobile view

The End Result

We were able to collaborate intimately with the client and get a firm grasp on what was essential to include. The results were easily accessible content pages filled with clear and empowering information, both about colds and how Biovanta’s products alleviate their symptoms. The space and user experience mimic the tonality of the brand and the effectiveness of the product–efficient, simple, and 100% natural. Creating the GDUSA award-winning Biovanta website truly paired strategic with creative, and working so closely with one another made the site look and feel like a cohesive representation of their vision and this incredible new brand.

We’re so proud of how far our partnership has come in the past year and we can’t wait for the next project. Cheers, Biovanta!

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