About Finlandia®:

Finlandia is famous for their quality and craftsmanship when it comes to their butter and cheese. Finlandia makes their delicious products using some of the purest milk in the world from small family-owned farms in Finland. These small Finnish farms have only 28 cows per farm. Finlandia cows are treated like family; each one is referred to by name and fed the greenest grass in one of the cleanest countries in the world. Finlandia carries a variety of imported cheeses as well as salted and unsalted imported butter.

The Insights:

Finlandia was launching a new product line of quality spreadable/dip cheeses that are free of artificial hormones and GMOs. This new product line offers a premium cheese dip with a smooth real cheese taste that is perfect for entertaining. The new packaging design had to stand out on the shelf and clearly communicate that the cheese can be spread or used for dipping and is hormone free, NON-GMO, and made with quality grass-fed dairy.

The Strategy:

Since this was a brand new product line for Finlandia, it was vital to create a package design that stood out on the shelves while still keeping within the overall family brand look and feel. Our creative team incorporated imagery in the design that illustrated the many ways consumers can use the cheese dip products. The inside wrap of the packaging also includes recipes which builds on the multi-usage of this new product line.

The Results:

A fun, playful design ensured a strong shelf presence in supermarkets to capture shoppers’ attention while highlighting the product’s versatility and use of natural ingredients.

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