About MetTel:

MetTel is a leader in communications and digital transformation (DX) solutions. Founded in 1996, MetTel converges all communications over a proprietary network to give enterprises a single unified view and control point for all their communications and advanced network services. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of customer solutions can boost enterprise productivity, reduce costs and simplify operations. Combining customized communication solutions with a powerful platform of cloud-based software, the MetTel Portal® enables customers to manage their inventory, usage, spend and repairs from one simple, user-friendly interface.


Dialing In On This Award-Winning Project:

MetTel was preparing to serve as keynote speakers at the Gartner Symposium, the premier IT leader conference. They were looking to make a big impact and needed powerful visual support for two presentations: How 5G Will Help Retailers Survive & Thrive and The Potential & Perception of 5G for Government. Our team took on the challenge of creating key visuals that would take these concepts and bring them to reality. The main objective  was how best to illustrate 5G, connecting future technology with real-world usage, and bring it all together with MetTel’s comprehensive solutions.  We proceeded with a balanced approach, utilizing futuristic visual textures, patterns, animations and graphics, which were then complemented with renderings of real-world applications paired with informative and factual copy. The final product positions  MetTel at the forefront of their industry and helps the audience clearly understand the potential of 5G and how to evaluate and deploy this new technology.


The Results:

Our award-winning presentation garnered the attention and trust of the audience with precise messaging and a cohesive design. Showcasing MetTel as an industry expert that can separate the hype from reality and help businesses select the right 5G strategy and services, it made a strong impression on attendees and generated new business leads.

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