Family-owned and operated locally-made in New Jersey, Messinas carries a variety of lawn and garden products that are safe, all-natural and environmentally friendly. Messinas products include Animal Stoppers® Repellents, Plot Saver® AG Tools, and Pulverize® Weed Killers with fertilizers on the way. The lawn and garden industry recently made headlines with one of the top leading brands taking a major hit pertaining to the health effects of its products, Messinas has solidified itself as a consistently safe and reliable alternative for consumer lawn care products.

The Insights:

Pulverize includes a full line of weed killer products that are fast-acting and glyphosate-free. Our challenge was to better position Pulverize in the lawn and garden space as the choice for weed killers among its competitors with a package redesign. The new label had to clearly communicate Pulverize products’ effectiveness while drawing attention to and creating awareness of safer ingredients for weed prevention.

The Strategy:

Our team literally hit the ground running heading to local nurseries, retailers and home improvement big box stores to research how Pulverize was being perceived by consumers and store personnel on the shelf among its competitors. What we found was that consumers were looking for a safer, effective option but were struggling to navigate the shelf space to find Pulverize. The existing packaging did not stand out resulting in reduced shelf impact, poor placement and lack of visibility.

Armed with our intel and client insights, we started with a rework of the Pulverize logo to create a stronger brand identity.  Next we tackled differentiating the 3 product variations through the use of color and strong visual cues while highlighting the fast acting benefit.

To then truly test our designs, we reviewed each design option in a competitive shelf set to ensure not only that they stood out on shelf but clearly communicated the product benefits. A product line that once got lost now popped with a reimagined impactful and strategic design.

The Results:

A fresh, contemporary design that stands out among the competition, and communicates the products’ benefits in a clear, readable and consumer-friendly manner.

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