Capturing the Spirit of “The Spirit of America”:

Laird’s AppleJack 86 Label Design

A Brief History of Laird & Company

The Laird family has been passing down the art of producing their reowned AppleJack brandy through generations for almost 300 years. Laird & Company was America’s very first commercial distillery obtaining License #1 in 1780 right here in New Jersey.

While Robert Laird served in the Revolutionary War under George Washington, his family supplied the troops with their AppleJack brandy.

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The Laird family’s signature apple brandy has stood the test of time and continues to be held in high regard throughout today’s ever-growing liquor industry.

Our Vision for Laird’s

When tasked with the opportunity to create a new label design for Laird’s AppleJack 86, we wanted to convey a contemporary evolution of this veteran spirit. The new design involved streamlining the Laird’s logo as well as manipulating a range of typefaces until the desired effect was achieved. The goal was to create a certain level of sophistication while simultaneously paying homage to the legacy of the Laird family in American history. 

We are proud to have been awarded GD USA Magazine’s 2018 American Package Design Award for this project.

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