Enhance Your CPG Brand’s Facebook Page with the Shop Now Button!

For better or worse, Facebook is constantly updating the platform. While the changes can sometimes be frustrating, our team always considers the changes relative to what Facebook’s goals might be in making changes in the first place. We know user experience is a major priority for Facebook.

You will want to take advantages of the changes Facebook makes to business pages. They are intended to better the user experience for your CPG brand’s customers. This post will help you update your button, that appears at the top of your page. The button can land wherever you want it to – a contact form, a shopping experience, your main website.

To decide where the button should go, ask yourself, “where do I want to lead my customer? What is the most important action they can take with my CPG company?” Whatever the answer, that’s where you want it to lead. The intention of this button is for your page viewers to easily find a link to your site, to be able to shop your products, to contact, etc. We’ve detailed below exactly how you can get your Shop Now button ready for your customers to use.


How to Set Up Your Facebook Button

When you navigate to your Facebook business page, you will see an option just under the right hand side of your cover photo to “Add a Button.”

Click on “Add a Button.” A menu will appear, from which you begin to make your selection:

Select an Option

For the purposes of this post, we are selecting “Make a Purchase or Donation,” giving us the option to “Shop Now” or “Get Offer.”

After selecting “Shop Now,” you are then able to enter your URL that will lead your customers to make a purchase.

Congratulations, you’ve got a Shop Now button!

After entering your URL, you simply click “Add Button.” Once complete, you will see that under your cover photo it says “Shop Now.” This will lead to whichever URL you used for the button.

Test or Edit Button

By hovering over your new “Shop Now” button, at any time, you will see a drop down. It gives you options to test, view insights (i.e., are people clicking on your button), edit button or delete your button.

Easy right?!

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