December Holidays For Your Company’s Social Media

Ho Ho Ho, December is (almost) here, which means a brand new batch of fun “holidays” to leverage in your social calendar this month. Let’s jump right in!


Santa’s List Day – December 4th

It’s the day Santa checks that naughty or nice list – which list is your audience on? Be sure to ask them!

Recommended hashtags: #santaslistday #santaslist #checkingittwice


Letter Writing Day  – December 7th

What better day than this one to send out those Christmas cards! It’s a great day to send a “letter” via email to your customers, too.


National Cotton Candy Day  – December 7th

If your brand has anything to do with food, this could be a cute day to use! There are desserts and cocktails that feature cotton candy, so you could leverage those items. Or just give permission to your fans to eat cotton candy for no other reason than that it is National Cotton Candy Day!

Recommended hashtags: #cottoncandy #cottoncandyday


Pearl Harbor Day  – December 7th

If this is brand appropriate for you or relates to your staff or brand story in any way, it would be okay to acknowledge this day in social media. If not, we recommend staying away from it so as to not seem trite.

National Brownie Day  – December 8th

Share those brownie recipes! Do a round up, share on a dedicated Pinterest board, have a guest Pinner share a recipe, have a blogger create a recipe for you, ask for your audience’s favorite recipes and photos! You can even ask if your audience likes the ends for the crispiness or the middle for the chewiness.

Recommended hashtags: #brownieday #brownies #brownierecipe #baking


National Pastry Day – December 9th

Share an easy pastry recipe for Christmas morning, have a blogger create a recipe, curate a board on Pinterest, etc. You can leverage this day very similarly to National Brownie Day!

Recommended hashtags: #pastries #pastryday #baking #pastrydough #pastryrecipe


Channukah  – December 12th

Be sure to wish your audience celebrating the holiday a Happy Channukah!

Recommended hashtags: #happyhannukah #happychannukah #channukah #hannukah #8crazynights


Poinsettia Day  – December 12th

Ask your followers for pictures of how they decorate with poinsettias! If appropriate, remind your audience the plant can be poisonous to dogs.

Recommended hashtags: #poinsettia #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #poinsettiaday


National Chocolate Covered Anything Day  – December 16th

What things are your audience’s favorite to cover with chocolate? Ask them! Run a promotion, share some ideas, put up some pretty photos, have a bunch of chocolate covered things in the kitchen for your staff and share a photo of it!

Recommended hashtags: #chocolatecovered #chocolate


National Bake Cookies Day  – December 18th

Leading up to this day, you can host a cookie recipe contest! If you own a store or bakery, have it be a contest to have the cookie produced in your business. You can also ask users to submit photos and recipes, pick your favorites, have the community vote on your top choices and then award the winner with a prize (a KitchenAid mixer, grocery gift card, a year’s supply of chocolate chips, etc.).

Recommended hashtags: #nationalbakecookiesday #bakecookies #[cookie emoji]


National Go Caroling Day – December 20th

This sounds like a day just primed for some great video content. Serenade your audience! Host a live caroling session with a local choir. Use the day to do something fun and different for your audience!

Recommended hashtags: #carolingday #gocaroling #singing #singinginthestreet #christmasmusic #christmassongs #holidaymusic


Winter Solstice  – December 21st

First day of winter! Who is excited? It’s also technically the shortest day of the year – from here on out, our sunlight will last longer!

Recommended hashtags: #firstdayofwinter #winteriscoming #wintersolstice #winter #bringonthesnow


Festivus  – December 23rd

Festivus – for the rest of us.

Recommended hashtags: #festivus #fortherestofus #festivusfortherestofus


National Egg Nog Day – December 24th

A perfect day to ask about holiday traditions and whether or not your audience enjoys egg nog. Nothing like a divisive drink to get that chatter going!

Recommended hashtags: #eggnogday #eggnog


Christmas Day  – December 25th

Be sure to wish your followers a Merry Christmas!

Recommended hashtags: #christmasday #merrychristmas #happychristmas #santa


Bacon Day  – December 30th

Oh, the possibilities are endless. Refer to National Brownie Day, Cotton Candy Day and Pastry Day for some thoughts!

Recommended hastags: #baconday #bacon #breakfast #givemeallthebacon


New Year’s Eve  – December 31st

Reflect on your year, share your brand’s biggest moments, etc. Wish your followers a Happy New Year!

Recommended hashtags: #newyearseve #happynewyear #happy2018 #goodbye2017 #peaceout2017 #welcome2018

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