Great things are happening in video editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC released a new update(April 2017) filled with an arsenal of new features.

Already considered by many to be the “nonlinear industry standard”, Premiere continues to make editing videos more efficient and creative.

type-tool-premiere-proFirst, adding type to your video used to involve multiple, time-consuming steps. Now there is a type tool built right in the toolbox offering lots of choices and flexibility. You can also now create shapes and animate them on a time line as well.

Second, there is a new graphics feature called “essential graphics” allowing you to compose shapes, type and graphics on multiple layers within one element. This gives you better organization on your timeline.

Next are the “Motion Graphics Templates”. These are great because you can import pre-existing templates and modify it’s type, colors and actions right within Premiere.

Finally, an improved audio set up gives you many more options to modify and enhance voice and music tracks. This is found in a panel called “Essential Sound”.

Adobe’s pro video editing software makes it easy to work with footage, audio and other graphics thanks to all the new updates. Take advantage of these features in your next video, commercial or web banner.



(Source: 5 New Features in Premiere Pro CC 2017 (April Spring Update) | 

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