October Holidays To Use In Your Social Media Content

October brings a whole host of big “holidays” – Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Kale Day (yes, it’s a thing). Using these holidays when they’re appropriate for your brand or business can be a great way to stir up engagement. Slotting these days into your calendar in advance also allows you to develop strong content ahead of time and fill out your calendar.

Let’s get to it!


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

If you want to have a fun internal communications play, or showcase what it’s like to work for your company, utilizing this month theme can be great! Have a photo contest at the office – let your employees submit their fav pet photos and everyone vote on the cutest (or have different criteria, i.e., cutest, smallest, biggest, most handsome/prettiest, etc.). It’s something fun for your staff and it shows a fun side to your company culture.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While this is the biggest and most likely best known October Month ‘holiday,’ we would implore you to treat this one delicately. Make sure that you are participating in this content in a genuine way and providing value to the cause (not just your audience). Make a donation. Show your internal team participating in a walk. Have everyone wear pink one day at the office in solidarity and share those images across social media.


National Vegetarian Month

If you are a food brand or retail location, think about sharing content all month long that features vegetarian products and/or recipes! It does not need to be the only focus, but it can be front and center for the month. You know people love their #MeatLessMondays! Also, if you manage a Pinterest account, move a Vegetarian board to the first slot in October. If you don’t have one yet, create one! And, make it the first board you see when you look at your account.


National Homemade Cookies Day – October 1


Cooler weather will have people ready to bake! This is a great chance to start a contest if appropriate for your brand. You could even use it to have a fun little internal battle for the best homemade cookie! If you don’t want to run a contest for National Homemade Cookies Day, sharing photos across social media that will have everyone drooling will suffice! You can also share recipes prior to the day to help your customer prepare themselves for the ‘holiday’ celebration.


World Vegetarian Day – October 1

The perfect day to launch your Vegetarian Month campaign! If you don’t focus on Vegetarian Month, sharing recipes and general content around the day is perfect.


National Kale Day – October 4

We weren’t kidding, it’s a thing! Share all those recipes that make people actually want to eat kale! (Can you tell one or two of us aren’t that into kale over here? We really do want you to share delish kale recipes, just for our sake!)


Columbus Day – October 9

Everyone loves those Columbus Day sales! Make sure to promote the sales ahead of time (before that weekend shopping routine kicks in) and again the day-of.


National Angel Food Cake Day – October 10

If you are a food brand or retail location that can make use of this day, go for it! Share how your products can be used in an Angel Food Cake recipe, share beautiful photos, or even challenge your customers to share their own creations!


Friday the 13th – October 13th

Is it bad luck? Is it good luck? Ask your customers!


World Egg Day – October 13th

There are so many things one can do with the simple egg. Share your brand’s favorites with your customers, ask for photos, etc.


National Pasta Day – October 17 (also World Pasta Day, October 25)

Get your customers ready for the day ahead of time. Think about sharing instructional videos on pasta making. A Facebook Live with a chef where your customers can ask questions about making homemade pasta, pasta sauce, perfect ravioli stuffing – excellent value-added content! Also, now we are hungry.


National Candy Corn Day – October 30

Candy Corn crafts! Recipes! Photos! If your retail location sells Candy Corn or it’s relevant to your brand/business/audience, don’t skip it!


Halloween – October 31

There are so many things to do with Halloween! You can have a costume contest related to your brand (tease this early to prep your customer for participation). You can have a costume contest in your office and share the results. You can share costume ideas related to your brand! Be sure to plan a piece of content for this day regardless of your brand though – you don’t want to look like your company forgot the day!

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