What to Post on Social Media in February

It’s that time again! Here are our picks for the holidays to make the most out of for your February content calendar.

Ground Hog Day – February 2

Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or not? This annual event is certainly one to note on social media. We recommend a post prepare for both situations. If you have a company mascot, maybe they see their shadow (or not) on Groundhog Day!

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – February 3

Well, this is one to celebrate! If you have a food-related business, might we suggest waffles with ice cream on top? Asking your community how they are celebrating, what their favorite flavor is, a cool recipe, etc., are all good ways to write a fun piece of content for the day.

Superbowl Sunday – February 4

When appropriate, especially food brands, should participate in Superbowl Sunday prep. We do want to note, however, you should refer to the Superbowl as “the big game” unless you have licensing rights. Yes, the NFL does pay attention to see if someone is saying “Superbowl” when they are not a licensed sponsor of the event.

National Pizza Day – February 9

What a great day to serve pizza to the whole office! Share photos on your social channels as a company culture moment.

Make a Friend Day – February 11

We like the idea of bringing your social communities together. Ask a question that prompts people to answer and find their twin. For example, asking users to share their birth date and month and find their birthday buddy is a fun way to get people engaging on your content.

Clean out Your Computer Day – February 12

Have a tip to keep your computer organized and clean? Share it with your users!

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday – February 13

Share tips to a Mardi Gras celebration with your users! Help them bring New Orleans home and prep for the Lenten season.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Write a Valentine to your users! If you have the time and budget, record one!

Chinese New Years – February 16

If your business is impacted by the Chinese New Year or would benefit from sharing information about the Chinese New Year, share it! You also may want to post a few times leading up to the day. PS – this year is the Year of the Dog!

Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17

This is a great date to give people ideas of Random Acts of Kindness and ask them to complete one (maybe complete one to be entered to win?!) and share their experience.

National Drink Wine Day – February 18

Wine pairings? How to have an at-home wine tasting? The best wines for your product? If it is a natural fit, showcase National Drink Wine Day on your social channels!

President’s Day – February 19

So many sales, so little time. Prep your audience ahead of time, letting them know of any President’s Day sales. Or go a Patriotic route – the choice is yours!

Love Your Pet Day – February 20

Let’s see those pet photos! Everyone who owns a pet has more than 1(000) photos of their furry friends on their phone. Ask your followers to share their best photos. It could be a good day to have dogs in the office, share photos of that with your community, too!

National Tortilla Chip Day – February 24

Have a fresh twist on classic nachos? Great recipe for tortilla soup? Share share share!

What wacky holidays will you be celebrating this month?

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