Wacky November Holidays To Use In Your Social Media Posts

Happy November! With the start of the holiday season, it’s a big month for social media! Here are our picks for the best wacky holidays and a few ideas to get you started:


Sandwich Day – November 3

Who doesn’t love a great sandwich?! Have your users share their favorite creations with a photo! Sharing a variety of recipes for sandwiches, showing a fun sandwich to make lunchtime a little more special, or even a promotion on sandwiches for your restaurant on the 3rd can be a great way to get people excited for this “holiday.”

Book Lovers Day – November 4

Have your audience share ideas for their favorite books, books to gift for the holidays, or even those face-book cover sharing photos!

Veteran’s Day – November 11 (November 10 Observed)

Acknowledging Veteran’s Day is always a must, just remember that it is the holiday that recognizes those who have served in our armed forces, not those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

World Kindness Day – November 13

This is a great way to inspire your audience to do random acts of kindness! Hold the door for someone, bring a treat to a neighbor, buy coffee for the person behind you. How is your company celebrating World Kindness Day? Ask your audience how they have been nice on this day to start a conversation!

World Diabetes Day – November 14

Health care practitioners can benefit from the use of this day. While delicate, you can share content around living with Diabetes, why awareness is important, etc.

Clean Your Refrigerator Day – November 15

People love seeing the inside of others’ refrigerators. Ask your audience to show off the inside of their fridges! You can have them use a hashtag and then share your favorites on Instagram or Twitter, and comment on a post on Facebook.

Thanksgiving, November 23

Schedule a few “Happy Thanksgiving” posts and go enjoy your family! Not as many people are active on social media on big holidays, so you can expect to have a less-than-normal day of engagement. If your brand is related to any food that would be served on Thanksgiving, ask for photos! We would recommend asking for photos mid-afternoon or after dinnertime when people are either prepping their food or finally relaxing and ready to share photos from their day.

Black Friday, November 24

While an obvious one for your broader marketing, make sure you have a solid social media plan! If you own a retail business, make sure you have extra eyes on your social media to ensure someone is catching any comments that need immediate attention. Black Friday will be a day where consumers experience frustration in general and can end up taking to social media to air their grievances.

Cyber MondayNovember 27

We would recommend if you are engaging in Cyber Monday sales to ensure your team is monitoring social channels at a higher frequency than regular days. With so many people shopping online on this day, you can expect questions and comments that will need to be answered quickly. Use your channels to promote your sales and deals as well as any updates a customer needs, such as an item being out of stock (or back in stock!).


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