How to Write a Social Media Policy for Your CPG Company

Yes, your company needs a social media policy! From a startup to a Fortune 100 company, you need a policy in place so your employees understand what is expected of them. At the end of the day, your employees are an extension of your CPG brand, from the janitor to your top executives. When they are out in the world they represent you – and part of that world now includes social media.

A social policy protects your company’s reputation online

Having a strong social media policy clears up any questions of what can and cannot be said about your company from an employee’s perspective.

A social policy can raise awareness for your brand

A policy isn’t just about restrictions, it’s also about what your employees can do. Their social media profiles and content can be used to enhance awareness of your brand. Your employees are likely your biggest cheerleaders. Giving them a policy that allows them to advocate for you in social can be a tremendous asset.

A policy encouraging use of social media helps attract top talent

Allowing employees to utilize social media will help you attract more talent to your company. Employees can showcase your company culture better than any corporate website and attract new employees that believe in your mission.

A social media policy helps to create consistency

By giving employees guidelines, such as how to talk about your CPG company, use of the logo, tagging the appropriate company/brand accounts, etc., ensures you’re all speaking from the same place.


We love Gap Inc.’s social media policy – it’s voicey, showcases their company culture, and shares both do’s and don’ts for their employees. We think it’s important in creating a policy for your employees that you find ways to be positive in the rules. (Not just giving everyone a list of “don’t do this!”)

There are a ton of great examples of social media policies out there. Here are a few more of our favorites:

Best Buy Social Policy

Coca Cola Social Policy

AP Social Media Guidelines

Adidas Group Social Media Guidelines

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