JWM Email Marketing


John Wm. Macy’s is all about enjoying the good things together. So when they switched to a new email marketing platform and needed us to create a fresh email design for their seasonal campaigns, we knew it had to be fun and engaging. Building off the look and feel of their new brand identity and website we had redesigned for them, our team started by developing a new email look to ensure consistent branding and messaging. We then adapted this design into a series of eye-catching eblasts offering relevant seasonal content. On day one of the first seasonal email deployment, John Wm. Macy’s saw an 85% increase in orders. Since then, we have continued to strategize on seasonal and promotional ideas and develop them into user-friendly emails that connect with consumers, increase traffic to their website and encourage online purchases of their delicious snacks.

John Wm. Macy’s

John Wm. Macy’s Email Marketing


  • Email Design & Development
  • Copywriting
  • Content Strategy & Planning

“Vision Creative Group has done an outstanding job extending our new branding through a comprehensive website redesign and relaunch, an overhaul of our Amazon store and listings, and creative updates to our consumer communications. It’s a pleasure working with their team.”

Tim Macy, Vice President, John Wm. Macy’s Inc

Maxell Website


Wanting to reengage their brand with a new generation, Maxell came to Vision looking for a new website that would reflect their retro-modern style. We kicked things off by immersing ourselves in the Maxell brand, putting our finger on the pulse of the company and what it means when they say, “it’s still worth it.” After diving into their history, product offerings, competition, and brand positioning, we created a digital mood board to explore colors, graphic treatments, and fonts. Incorporating a mobile-first approach with the user-experience at the forefront, VCG then designed and developed a WordPress website that combines a cool, modern look with a nod to the brand’s history. User-friendly and engaging, the site has received rave reviews and clearly communicates that Maxell is definitely “still worth it.”

Maxell USA

Maxell USA Website


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UX Wireframe
  • Content Strategy & Planning

“Honestly it has been a great experience for the whole development of our new website. Since the launch we have received so much feedback and customers and companies reaching out to us. Truly helped us resurrect our brand.”

Eric Walbrecht, Senior Product Manager, Maxell Corporation of America Inc

Advil in-store and displays


Advil was in the midst of launching a new TV campaign and wanted to integrate the new messaging and creative into their in-store and shopper marketing efforts. Vision was tasked with translating the TV campaign into a new key visual for the Advil brand that would provide a 360° approach across all consumer promotion initiatives. In developing the new visual, Vision ensured it communicated consistent branding and messaging across all of the consumer touch points while conveying the essence of the advertising message and ultimately forming a set of positive associations with the brand. Once finely tuned, the new visual was rolled out to all of Advil’s national displays, account specific shopper marketing programs, and in-store creative executions. Our successful solution provided the “stop and hold” of consumers the client was looking for, helped drive choice at shelf, and was adaptable to a variety of in-store and promotional vehicles. By understanding the category and developing creative options that tapped into our design, development, production, and rendering skills, Vision provided effective solutions that maintained the overall brand equity and delivered a headache-free campaign!


Advil Consumer Activation


  • Creative Exploratory
  • Category Research
  • Design & Development
  • Key Visual Creative
  • Consumer Activation
  • In-Store and Shopper Marketing Executions
  • Production, Renderings

How Did We Make Penguins Fly

Our team took full motion, animated TV ad visuals and successfully translated them into key in-store marketing vehicles. By utilizing individual display renderings each step of the way for testing and vetting, we ultimately nailed this marketing message adaptation. From shelf talkers to endcaps, our designs effectively communicated the brand’s new messaging at every point along the shopper’s journey.

Pulverize Packaging


Messinas, a New Jersey based lawn and garden supply company, was re-launching their Pulverize weed killer product line to better compete with big players in the category. This is where Vision came in. We brought our creative and strategic expertise to better position Pulverize in the lawn and garden space as the top choice for weed killers among its competitors with a package redesign. After researching the herbicide market, analyzing the competition and assessing the retail environment for a well-rounded understanding of the weed product world, Vision designed a new label that clearly communicated Pulverize’s effectiveness and dedication to being a safe alternative for weed prevention. Our clean imagery and striking revamped logo came together with the goal to increase visibility, shelf impact, and increase market share. As a result, it impressed the Walmart store buyer, and after a successful test run, landed a spot nationally in the Walmart lineup. It then expanded onto the shelves of over 5,000 retailer outlets in just one year. Pulverize is effective in killing weeds, but our packaging was surely effective in growing its business. 


Pulverize Weed Killer Package Redesign


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Review
  • Design Exploratory
  • Package Design
  • Renderings

How Did We Make Penguins Fly

After an all team meeting on a Friday afternoon to share the news that we were awarded this packaging project, we literally hit the ground running. We spent the weekend checking out retailers to understand the current category climate, the competition and the retailer perspective. Armed with intel and strategic creative ideas, we went on to develop packaging concepts that really made Pulverize stand out on shelf with consumers and trade professionals. To top it off, our designs earned another GDUSA award for the team!

Volteran Banner ads


Voltaren, a brand of GSK Consumer Healthcare, needed a retailer specific digital media campaign to elevate the connection between shifts in weather and the impact on joint pain symptoms. VCG’s task was to successfully develop the campaign creative that would be deployed to media in geo-targeted areas leveraging data in areas experiencing relevant shifts in weather situations. The goal of this was to motivate shopper behavior and drive purchases at CVS stores. Our team accomplished this goal by developing three versions of weather-related creative for Voltaren that supported the seasonal situations likely to occur between October and December, with a focus on the impacts of the weather on joint pain sufferers. Our team’s new creative combined brand claims and lifestyle imagery that clearly communicated the message and resonated with our audience. By connecting Voltaren’s equity and claims to the relief of weather-related pain, Vision helped present the brand as a must-have for the stormy months ahead!

GSK Consumer Healthcare

Voltaren Digital Banners


  • Copywriting
  • Stock Photo Research
  • Digital Design

“The Vision team is AMAZING! Love working with them – outstanding creative, always come through on last minute requests, willing to take on new challenges and go the extra mile to ensure quality. 
Truly great partners!”

Annette Komes, Shopper Activation, GSK CH